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General Hydroponics AeroFlo 36 hydroponic indoor growing system


The General Hydroponics AeroFlo® super-oxygenates the nutrient solution to optimally deliver oxygen, water, and nutrients to your plant`s roots. This system creates stronger, more resilient plants for increased yields. Perfect for flowers, fruits and vegetables up to 3 or 4 feet tall. Bring your plants to harvest earlier and maximize the productivity of your grow space with the AeroFlo 36.
This system includes:
General Hydroponics 40 gallon Panda reservoir
Six 4 ft. grow chambers
General Hyroponics Blue Stone 967 GPH (61Liters/Min) Magnetic Drive Submersible Pump
Injection manifold
Support structure
3 inch Grow Cups
Legendary growth and yields with a 4`2"L X 4`7"W X 2`H footprint
The AeroFlo 36 system offers 36 plant sites in a footprint designed specifically for indoor cultivation under a grow light.
This particular unit has only been used once for a 1 month experiment, in which it was used to grow strawberries. Other than that it has been in storage, with the original packaging from General Hydroponics since its purchase.
$600 cash is all i will accept, please don`t waste my time with low baller offers! This unit is sold at Hydroponic stores in Canada for about 1100$ with tax, so at 600$ cash, the savings compared to a new unit is 500$ plus...

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General Hydroponics AeroFlo 36 hydroponic indoor growing system
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