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Supercloset Super Box Hydro Grow Cabinet


Comes with Everything You Need to Effectively Grow Indoors!
New systems retail for $795 + $195 shipping on manufacturer`s site:
The Unique Grow Closet comes with a SuperPonics System that Grows Your Plants Up to 5X Faster, Bigger, and Easier Than Any Other Grow Closet.
Grow Your Own with the Only Fully Automated, Fully Assembled, Quiet, Safe, Beautiful, Air Tight, Light Tight, Locking, InfraCool, Powder Coated Black Grow Closet, Designed to Fit Perfectly in Your Home!
The SuperCloset Grow Closet and Grow Room are the ONLY All-in-One Hydroponic Grow Systems that include all of the following:
A full spectrum Lighting System for Complete Light Control and Maximum Penetration
Activated Carbon Scrubber for Complete Air Filtration
Fully Automated SuperPonics System which grows your plants up to 2-5x Faster than traditional methods by combining Top Feed, Deep Water Culture, Bubble, & Aeroponics
Adjustable Internal Circulation Fan for 4 Corner Air Distribution
Anti-Mold Reflective, Removable, and Adjustable Panels provide optimal light distribution and cleanliness.
Every Component Needed to Start Growing Today!
The SuperBox is a single chamber grow closet, allowing you to seamlessly and effortlessly move from seed to harvest in an extra large growing space, all within a single hydroponics system.
The SuperBox is a tiny, but powerful and high performance, grow closet!
The Vegetative/Flowering Chamber
The Vegetative/Flowering Chamber holds up to 8 plants, and is ideal for personal use!
Utilizing our patented SuperPonics watering system, this reservoir can hold up to 10 gallons of nutrient rich water and is incredibly easy to maintain.
Includes a 200w Warm Spectrum Feliz CFL Lighting System.
System Accommodates Soil ALSO!
Reinforced Lock and Key. I don`t have the key
Only SuperCloset Grow Closets are professionally assembled with every component including air-filter, nutrients, timers, and growing medium.
SuperCloset Grow Boxes grow easier, bigger, healthier, and better than any other grow cabinet or system.
Up to 20% less energy usage and power surges, and operate more efficiently than other systems.
Yield up to 30% more growth with exclusive Net Trellis and unique auto watering method.
Fully automated controls, with hygrometer, on back of unit, not front, to retain clean cabinet appearance.
No corner plants left alone.
Only cabinet designed with real Cross Airflow, Properly Air-Cooled Lights, and Internal Circulation Fan.
Cutting Edge Watering System provides no clogged drippers, constant cleaning, or random dead plants.
Strongest roots and plant structure possible. Leave for days without worry. See reviews!
Single Plug into Your Wall, configured for standard 110v grids.
Yields up to 30-50% more than other systems.
Only system with the appropriate amount of airflow.
Comes with every single component needed to produce amazing, top quality, high yielding results.
Proudly Made In California U.S.A.
This Grow Closet truly takes the Guesswork Out of Growing. ?It creates the ideal indoor gardening environment in which every key detail has already been considered and incorporated into our professional design. ?You will therefore have the luxury of following the included simple instructions and DVD to attain results comparable to those of Master Growers.
I was told this one just needs an air pump (less then $15) and a small water pump($20). Everything in the pictires included. The bulb does work! I sell grow equipment for a living and have never used one of these, but of I had the time I would definetly keep this one!
Follow these simple steps to achieve amazing results and the highest quantity and quality yields in your Grow Closet.
1. Refresh your reservoir every 1 to 2 weeks
2. Add the nutrients to the system
3. Adjust your pH
4. Sit back and watch em grow
If you have any questions or are in need of any other grow equipment please call or text me at
Thanks and God bless. Chad

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