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Wow Hydro Grow Equipment Package


This lightly used equipment served us well, and we never had any leaks. The only problems we experienced were due to our own stupidity. Great package for a novice, or for an experienced soil grower looking to transfer to hydro. I am beyond happy to share growing wisdom upon purchase. We really adored this system, and spent countless hours shopping around before purchasing it. Alas, our growing days are expired (I am not selling the system to upgrade), so I want it to go to a good home! :) Let me know if you have any questions or concerns about any of the products listed below (links included)...
AND Happy Grow Shopping!!!
The Titan Controls Flo-N-Gro Complete System includes:
-55 gallon reservoir
-twelve 4-gallon grow sites
-twelve 3-gallon mesh aeration inserts (encourages lateral root growth, providing better aeration) -tubing and fittings for easy hookup
-two Maxi-Jet pumps (one for filling and one for draining)
-Oceanus 1 Flo-n-Gro Controller: features fully digital technology. 24 hour timer allows you to set several watering patterns. LED lights indicate "FILL" and "DRAIN" functions. The controller is housed in a plastic enclosure that resists dust and moisture. The controller also features resettable circuit breaker protection for your safety.
*For more information (such as to verify what the system sells for new), see the links below!
Product Link:
*The controller is at the top and my specific 12-site system is the fourth link down*
($690 new, $300 for you)
In addition, I will include a 120V ActiveAqua air pump for aerating the reservoir. Aside from the added Oxygen (much appreciated by the plants), this helps to ensure the water does not become stagnant between waterings, preventing unwanted nasty growth and keeping your nutrients well mixed/evenly distributed. Note, my pump is missing the multi-outlet divider (seen in the link below)
Product link:
($104 new, $35 for you)
In further addition, I am happy to throw in a lightly used set of BubbleBags. The set includes four bags with increasingly finer screens. Note, I am missing the orange square screen used at the end of the process to dry the product along with the bucket (seen in link below)
Product link:
($100 new, $35 for you)
Even further, I will include a Bluelab Guardian Monitor (tri-meter) that continually measures three critical parameters of your reservoir water: conductivity, temperature, and pH. Unfortunately, I allowed the pH probe tip to dry out. You will therefore need to purchase a new one online if you wish to utilize that function (easy link at bottom). Otherwise, it`s good to go on the other two readings!
Product link:
Replacement pH probe link:
($270 new, $50 for you)
Free of charge, I will throw in a few other goodies such as a smaller air pump with a control valve, a roll of reflective mylar for your grow walls, and tubes for making butane honey oil. Everything must go! Well, you don`t HAVE to take all the freebies. Either way, lets get you on this system! Woop Woop!
I`ll be happy to shoot you some pictures by email if you`d like to see product conditions for yourself!

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